Acrylic Skins Workshop | More Mixed Media

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Acrylic Skins - 2 Days
More Mixed Media 
Saturday 24 &
Sunday 25 August
9.30am to 3.30pm
on both days
Wendy's Art Folly,
Coghill Street, Whitianga

An acrylic skin is a dry acrylic film made of paint and other gel mediums. In this workshop you'll learn to create and apply acrylic skins to your paintings.  

We follow in the footsteps of artist Robert Burridge who mixes his paints on the surface of his art table and later peels off the dried paint skins to use as collage for his paintings. 

Mix it up and and swirl exciting colour combinations on your palette to create bold colourful acrylic skins to use in your painting. 

All art materials are supplied including canvas, GOLDEN paints and a range of mixed media products.