Wendy Walls Atomiser

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As demonstrated in Wendy's Give it a Go Mixed Media workshop, this calibrated mouth atomiser produces an airbrush effect with paint. 

Crafted with precision in New Zealand, it's made entirely from brass and permanently fixed at the correct angle. Owing to its solid brass structure and fixed-angle design, this atomiser is durable and straightforward to use compared to folding hinged atomisers that can be flimsy and fiddly at times. 

Wendy's atomiser can be used with watercolour, inks, gouache and acrylics. It works extremely well with GOLDEN OPEN acrylics but also can be used with other acrylic paints. Simply add GOLDEN airbrush medium to other acrylic paints to achieve the right fluidity for airbrushing. 


The smaller tube is placed into the paint and by blowing through the larger tube the paint is drawn up by vacuum and sprayed outward for special effects. 

  • You can spray to make darker or lighter values.
  • You can spray over existing paint without smudging the underlying surface.
  • You can spray over stencils or spray around other shapes.
  • You can create effects such as waves breaking over rocks or misty skies.

Wendy's atomiser will last a lifetime and serve as a useful tool in your mixed media paint box.