Elena Nikolaeva | Painting with Palette Knife

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Painting with Palette Knife Tuesday 5 March 10am to 4pm The Coghill Centre,
Coghill Street, Whitianga 

Painting with Palette Knife
The palette knife is a favourite and powerful tool of artists. Different shapes provide a wide range of techniques. In this workshop you will work with different shaped palette knives, exploring their possibilities and pushing boundaries of their use, using acrylics or oils.

About Elena Nikolaeva
Elena was born and raised in Russia. She studied at Urals State University of Fine Arts, Design & Architecture, and after graduating she taught at the university and attained an associate professorship of the painting department. In 2000 Elena moved to New Zealand, to Mangawhai, where she is now a full-time artist and tutor.

Elena works with acrylics, watercolour, mixed media and sculptures. She welcomes beginner painters and those who wish to widen their skills and techniques.
“Beauty is everywhere, but sometimes we are too busy to notice it. Or at other times we are locked within the limits of a conventional point of view. Let’s break the borders, the routine and ordinary. Let’s have a fresh look around, and we will be amazed by how different and beautiful our world is"  Elena Nikolaeva