Paint & Paste Workshop

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Painting the same old stuff? We naturally stick to our familiar ways and that's OK but why not build on your expertise and let loose a little? Break free of your comfort zone and try new exciting art mediums and techniques - fluid acrylics, gels and pastes, collage and more. You'll be surprised how rewarding it is when you try something different.
Paint & Paste - 2 Days Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 August 2020 9.30am to 3pm Wendy's Art Folly, 
Coghill Street, Whitianga
Paint & Paste - 2 Days
Saturday 31 October & Sunday 1 November 2020
9.30am to 3pm
Paint & Paste - 1 Day
Tuesday 9th March 2021
9.30am to 3pm